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Equal Eyewear Design

Our new collection is based on the integration of classic design elements from the heritage of eyewear such as barrel hinges, but with modern touches such as linear pins, to keep it feeling contemporary.

If none of that means anything to you, we’ve really just gone for a timeless design, something that’s not too trendy, not too old-fashioned – keeping it understated but very stylish. 

We’re quietly quite pleased about the result. It feels balanced.

Equal Eyewear Frames Andipink22750

The start of the journey

Our Sustainablity Goals

We want our brand to look, feel, and do good.

A key element of that is being sustainable in our practices and while we know we aren’t there yet, we are moving towards that goal, starting with fully recyclable packaging, cases, and cloths for all of our products.

While we are at the start of our sustainability journey, we believe that by being thoughtful in our design and packaging we can continue to improve, and leave less and less of a footprint as we move forward.

Equal Eyewear Spectacle Collection

Our First Collection

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